Recognition ~~~ June 2018


*Feb.2017*THE FILL* Earth 911 did a shout out about crayon recycling for America's Recycle Day on Noverber 15, 2014. Thank you very much Earth 911.

October 2013, RESOURCE-RECYCLING Magazine featured Crazy Crayons, LLC and the Crayon Recycle Program with a picture in their "RECYCLED PRODUCTS" section. Thank you for spreading the word about recycling crayons!  


January 2016, received another ton of unwanted crayons for recycling from the Hudson County area in New Jersey ~~ the Grand Champions of crayon recycling ~~ preventing more than 30,000 pounds of crayons from going into the trash. Great job!!


HIGHLIGHTS magazine, November, 2012 issue, 2 page, color feature story about the Crayon Recycle Program.  This is HUGE for for us!!  Thank you Highlights for spreading the word!!
  • Woman's World Magazine, Feb. 27th, 2012, page 34, "Do-a-good-deed, Clutter cures!" mentions the Crayon Recycle Program with a picture of the Crazy Crayons along with several other recyclable products, such as sneakers, bras, bicycles and fitness equipment.
  • Steamboat Pilot & Today, Nov. 6th 2011, did a front page story about us, Sunday Focus Story by Nicole Inglis, Business on the bright side! She wrote, "LuAnn Foty's Crazy Crayons studio add color to the Yampa Valley". 
  • (Lyss Stern) shared these 100% recycled crayons on the Long Island morning news program as a great, back to school item.   (9/5/11)
  • March 2011 issue of "O" Magazine, page 72 includes the Crayon Recycle Program and this website in their "De-clutter your home" article. Wow!
  • Parent Magazine, December 2010, 50 Great Gift Solutions included our Eco Stars with a nice picture on page 102.
  • December 23rd, 2010, the Eco Stars were featured on the Today Show (NBC) as a great "under $10.00" Stocking Stuffer.  YAY!!   
  • OVER 110,000 POUNDS OF UNWANTED CRAYONS COLLECTED FOR RECYCLING.  Looking at the big picture, that's only "a drop in a bucket"!
  • WOMAN'S DAY Magazine Holiday Gift Guide -- November 2010 issue.
  • PARENT'S MAGAZINE Holiday Gift Guide -- December 2010 issue.
  • KIWI Kids Magazine, Sept. 2010 issue (We need a copy of this for our scrap book -- thank you)
  • Organic Spa Magazine, Oct. 2010 issue mentions our crayons! 
  • ECO STAR CRAYONS ~ 100 Points of color!  July 1, 2009
  • NEW ~~ EARTH WORMS, "OPEN THIS CAN OF WORMS!" August 1, 2010
  • TIME FOR KIDS Magazine, April 23 Issue, gave wonderful recognition to the NEW JERSEY SCHOOLS for participating in the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM and recycling MORE THAN 19,000 POUNDS of crayons in the past 8 years!  They are the National Grand Champions of crayon recycling.
  • Look for the Eco Stars in the Time Out New York Gift Guide (2009). 
  • The May, 2009 issue of National Geographic has the Crayon Recycle Program first on their list in the their "Green Guide" pull-out!! 
  • Washington Times, March 26, 2009, the Going Green section published a story that LuAnn wrote about the Crayon Recycle Program. 
  • Many national magazines including "American Girl"(3/99), Waste News Magazine (6/08), Northwoods Commerce Magazine (4/08), Everyday with Rachael Ray (9/08), Real Simple Magazine (9/08), Woman's Day (2/09), Ranger Rick Magazine (2/09), Post-Bulletin in Rochester, MN (3/09)  and Small Business Opportunities (5/98) have given LuAnn's CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM and Crazy Crayons an honorable mention.
  • For the months of March and April 2008,  Crazy Crayons were given with the kids' meals at the thirty-nine Burgerville restaurants in Oregon and Washington.  (Stars, Suns, Burgers and Hearts)
  • Cartoon Network ordered 500 sets of ten custom molded crayons. Three hundred of the sets, the network's ten most popular cartoon characters, were presented to Cartoon Network artists as Christmas gifts in 2007.  
  • Crazy Crayons has "crayonized" the Statue of Liberty and people can visit the Gift Shop on Ellis Island in New York and purchase a Crazy Crayon of "Lady Liberty"!!  Such a great honor!
  • You can find custom Crazy Crayons at The Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, The Jewish Museum in New York, NY as well as many other Museums, Art Galleries, Zoos, National Park Gift Shops and "Green" Stores all across this country and Canada. COOL!
  • During her 18 years of business, LuAnn Foty, founder of CRAZY CRAYONS and the CRAYON RECYCLING PROGRAM, has been on numerous news programs in Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN, including a six minute live segment on K.A.R.E. 11's "Twin Cities Today" Program.                            The Crayon Recycle Program has also been featured on CNN.
  • "EARTHLING", the Mascot, (LuAnn wore the costume, western style) pulled a wagon full of crayons, joined by Chaz (her son) on his bicycle to promote the Crayon Recycle Program, won a 3rd place ribbon in the Marchers Category in the Sandy Mountain Parade in Sandy, Oregon.   
  • Green Gadgets, a Discovery Channel short film for cell phone and Airplane entertainment did a nice quick clip about Crazy Crayons. 
  • CRAZY CRAYONS and the CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM have been mentioned numerous times in newspaper and magazine articles.
  • LuAnn did a "live" interview on E-Town, a National Public Radio program, and was given an award for her recycling efforts.
  • West Point Military Academy in New York sponsored LuAnn to visit and give her CRAYON RECYCLING PROGRAM presentation to 23 classrooms at their elementary school on campus.
  • GOOGLE---Crazy Crayons and the Crayon Recycle Program ---it's just amazing all the things that come up!!
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